Social Activities

All Aves Mersin Terminal Company employees regard as a principle the voluntary use of their times, abilities, and financial means to help the less fortunate others. The company employees have worked voluntarily for more than 500 hours since the establishment of the company and they have provided social aid works in the regions where they live. The company partnership has provided contribution and assistance since February 2011 in which it was founded to the schools, sport associations and low income local community in the region of Kazanli.

NuStar Mersin Terminal performs social welfare activities for poor, helpless, handicapped, old, widowed, orphan, fatherless, lonely etc. persons and families whom are group people need help and performs social service activities for the local primary education schools and their students live in the regional boundaries of  Terminals.

Adhering to honesty the egalitarianism criteria, they are visited in their homes and the required material aid and spiritual support are provided to them by the company volunteers group. During the Ramadan Month and the Religious Holidays, food, clothing and monetary supports are provided to the poor families, and programmatically support is provided  each year to the low income family children whom are studying in those schools  affiliated to directorate of national education and the amateur support organizations of the region for their identified needs.